Hi. My name is Heidi. My Family Members Still Support Trump.

I made the mistake tonight of overhearing my mom and sister talk about Politics. I guess I’m a sucker for torture and I love throwing myself into a deep existential crisis. An abyss really.

POOR Trump he can’t tweet tweet. Apparently what is pushing Conservatives over the edge is that the sane people of this Country have taken out the figurative remote and have put the fucker on mute. Finally.

This is a huge sign that our freedom/freedom of speech is at risk!
Ummm. Yes, we have freedom of speech. But that doesn’t mean you are free from the consequences. This is why I have had to stop myself from saying “go fuck yourself” to Clients about 100 times In my life. Incitement is a very real thing. Did Charles Manson kill anybody himself?

I find it very interesting that my Conservative/Religious friends have been on radio silence on what happened a week ago. “Those are people that have gone too far” is the biggest statement I’ve heard on the matter — — How big of everyone. No self examination, no stopping to question anything- or to acknowledge that this isn’t just a couple hundred people but thousands upon thousands of people. My sister downplayed the incident (remember fake news, even though it was on all of the degenerates phones streaming real time) My mom (bless her Conservative, god fearing heart)did speak up and say “no, there were A LOT of shenanigans going on”.. I guess molotov cocktails and zip ties, gasoline, blowing up Government buildings but not before defecating in the hallways are considered shenanigans. She sure has changed her definition of shenanigans from when I was in high school and getting grounded. And so I realized — this is the entire problem. They are in the same cult. But apparently just not the Trump is Jesus let’s plan a coup level. But in a quite real way, just as toxic. Enablers. Perpeturaters of false narratives. And yes, making it about themselves and their perceived infringement on their free speech.

I finally stepped out of the kitchen and said “you two should really start a Political Podcast” I couldn’t take it anymore.

And I really don’t share this because I love throwing my family members under the bus (wait, maybe I do)…but let’s be real here — I think we all pretty much have family members that voted for him. 75,000,000 Americans did. And suffice to say — this horrifying event wasn’t the wake up call we thought it would be or should be.

I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to go away.